Guagua Rural Bank, Inc.
General Terms and Conditions

1. GRBank Online Banking Service; Definitions
1.1. The GRBank Online/Mobile Banking Service (the “Service”) refers to the use by Clients of Guagua Rural Bank, Inc. (the "Bank") Online/Mobile Banking website and mobile application.
1.2. The Service allows the Bank’s clients to access their accounts online and/or via the dedicated mobile banking application. This service will be available to the Client upon opening of a bank account in the Bank, to enable the Client to perform internet banking transactions authorized by the Bank. The Service will require logging in with credentials supplied to the Client upon account creation.
1.3. By logging in to the Service, the Client agrees to these General Terms and Conditions (the “T&C”) and affirms their consent to the Bank’s Terms and Conditions for the accounts they intend to use through the Service, and any other agreements and contracts which the Client signed when they opened their accounts.
1.4. The term “Client” hereunder shall refer to all users of the Service (both private(natural persons) and institutions/companies).
1.5. “Operations” refers to the various financial transactions including, but not limited to, making balance inquiries, fund transfers, paying bills performed by Clients through the Service.

2. Use of the Service
2.1. To access the Service, the Client should open the Service’s website in an Internet browser (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera) and/or install the Service’s mobile application to their mobile device/s, provide the login credentials provided to them upon bank account creation, and provide the necessary Password (as defined in clause 3.1). Upon the first logging in to
the Service, the Client will be required to accept T&C to proceed to use the Service.
2.2. By registering for the Service, the Client hereby warrants that all information they provide to the Bank is true, accurate, complete and up to date. The Client agrees that their use of the Service will require the use of the e-mail address and/or mobile phone number that they provided to the Bank when opening their account(s). To this end, the Client shall ensure and warrant that such email address and mobile phone number are valid, active and under their sole control at the time of registration for the Service and during their use of the Service. The Bank, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to validate the information provided by you through the mobile app or customer service. Once your information has been validated, you will receive a confirmation from the Bank through short message sending (SMS) and/or electronic mail (email).

The Bank shall be entitled to send all information, communications and notifications related to the Client's registration and use of the Service only to the registered email address and/or mobile number. Any request to change
such registered email address or mobile number shall be in accordance with the Bank's guidelines in this regard and shall be subject to the Bank's prior approval and due diligence procedures.
2.3. The Client hereby warrants that the Service is for the sole and exclusive use of the Client: the Client shall not provide his login credentials to any third parties or allow such third parties access to their mobile device when using the mobile application. Likewise, the Client shall not wilfully allow any third parties to use the Services.

3. Username and Passwords
3.1. During the first session in the Service, the Client shall create a new Password for their use of the Service. The Client acknowledges that such a Password shall be unique to himself/herself and agrees to keep these strictly confidential
at all times. The Password created by the Client should not relate to any readily accessible data such as the Client’s address, telephone number, driver license, date of birth etc. and easily guessable combination of numbers.
3.2. The Client shall exercise reasonable care and diligence, and is responsible for the confidentiality of the Password. The Client shall not disclose the Password to any person. Any information, instruction, or transaction sent, performed, or consummated through the use of Client’s Password shall be presumed to have been executed and authorized by the Client, the costs, if any, for which
shall be charged to the Client's accounts.
3.3. The Client agrees and undertakes to change their password from time to time as they deem necessary, as a safety measure. If the Client’s mobile phone or Password may have been lost/stolen or if someone has used it without the Client’s permission, the Client shall notify the Bank immediately and shall give the latter a reasonable period to de-activate the Client’s compromised Service and Password.
3.4. The Client must immediately change their Password in case the confidentiality of the Password is compromised. The Client may change their Password in accordance with the Bank’s policies and procedures: (1) by filling out the necessary forms at their Branch of the Bank; (2) through the Bank’s customer care hotline; or (c) through the Service.
3.5. The Client agrees that the entering the Password incorrectly three consecutive times will result in the deactivation of the Client's access to the Service, in which case, such access shall be restored only upon the Bank’s prior consent or by successfully completing the Bank’s procedures for the resetting their Password.

4. Account Related
4.1. Account balance inquiry: Account information may indicate the balance as of the last payment session, the schedule of which is determined by the Bank.

4.2. The Service allows viewing of transactions made on Client’s account during the previous 30 days. For transactions that are not available through the Service, the Client may request for a copy of the bank statement from their Branch or by requesting such a statement from the Bank’s central office. The Client may be required to pay a fee for obtaining such a statement in accordance with the Bank’s Fee Chart, as amended from time to time.
4.3. All transactions conducted through the Service require cleared, available, and withdrawable balances to be effected. In case of transactions chargeable against an account with insufficient balance, the Bank shall automatically cancel such a transaction, notifying the Client that the transaction was not possible. The Bank shall not be liable for any failed transaction due to insufficient funds or Client’s failure to observe the Bank’s transaction limits, cut-off periods, service fees, and other applicable policies
4.4. Fund Transfers: The Client may transfer funds to or from any of their current or savings accounts or cash cards, subject to the following:
4.4.1. such accounts or cards are present in the Service and
4.4.2. Client supplies all necessary information in the relevant funds transfer module in the Service. The Client agrees that: all fund transfers initiated through the Service shall be subject to such transaction limits, cut-off periods, service fees, and other policies that may be imposed from time to time by the Bank and/or where applicable, by third party institutions involved in the processing of such fund transfers, such as, but not limited to, correspondent, intermediary, or receiving institutions and electronic funds transfer or financial transactions networks such as, but not limited to, PESONet, InstaPay, Bancnet, PDDTS, or SWIFT (collectively, “Third PartyInstitutions”); in cases of funds transfers through an electronic funds transfer or financial transactions network, only account(s) maintained in
participating or member banks or financial institutions of such network may become destination account(s); scheduled fund transfers shall be implemented by the Bank according to the schedule set by Client in the Service, unless Client cancels the same at least one (1) calendar day before the scheduled transfer date; in case of multiple fund transfers charged against one (1) source account, the balance of which is insufficient to cover all such fund transfers, the Bank, in its sole discretion, shall determine which fund transfer request to fulfil; any requests to cancel a fund transfer shall be subject to the Bank’s discretion and/or the policies and procedures of the Third Party Institution involved. The Client acknowledges that all fund transfer requests may be subject to further processing by the Bank. The Service may include a module that enables the Client to monitor the status of their fund transfer transactions.

4.4.3. The Client acknowledges that all information provided to them through the Service shall be limited only to information available in the Bank’s records and shall not be deemed as (i) confirmations that the transferred funds have already been credited to the destination account or have already been withdrawn or otherwise received by the Client’s intended beneficiary or recipient, which Client shall independently verify at their own cost, and/or (ii) confirmations of any other information which are beyond the Bank’s control or access. The Client agrees that the Bank shall have no liability whatsoever for any fund transfer that fails to conform
to these terms and conditions or the instructions for such transactions indicated in the Service.
4.5. Opening of accounts via the Internet: The Customer may apply for additional account(s) in the Bank through the Service, subject to the Bank's priorapproval. The Customer may select any of the products available on the Service, subject to the terms and conditions specified by the Bank for such products. The Customer may fund the required initial deposit of such additional account(s) using the balance(s) of his existing account(s). Such additional account becomes available with the Service as soon as the
application has been approved. The Customer (i) confirms that all information entered by them in the account opening process is accurate, up-to-date and has been initiated by the Customer himself/herself (in accordance with the Customer's responsibilities), (ii) accepts the Terms and Conditions for such additional account, and (iii) will validate such additional account in order to
confirm and complete its opening. The Customer, at any time prior to such confirmation, may revoke its request to open such additional account(s). The Bank shall notify the Customer of the status of its request to open such additional account(s) via the Service and/or via its registered email address and/or mobile phone number.
4.6. Transactions using third party software or devices: The Customer agrees that the use of biometric information, digital codes (such as QR codes), password managers or other password storage applications when accessing the Service or transacting on the Service will be dependent on the third party software and/or electronic device capabilities used at the time the Customer logs on to the Service and/or initiates the relevant transaction. The Customer acknowledges that such third party computer software or electronic device is
owned or controlled by third parties who are separate and distinct and not affiliated with or controlled by the Bank in any way. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damage in connection with such biometric information, digital codes, third party software or electronic device being used by the Client.

5. Fees
5.1. The Client agrees to pay all relevant fees and charges communicated by the Bank in its Fee Chart for the Service or any transaction available thereunder. Such fees and charges shall be automatically debited from any of Client's account(s) listed in the Service as they fall due, without need of any further notice to or consent from the Client. The Bank reserves the right to impose
new fees and change existing fees in relation to the use of the Service.

6. Client's Responsibilities
6.1. By registering to and/or using the Service, the Client acknowledges that they have read and understood the T&C, and that they agree to be unconditionally bound by such terms and conditions, and all amendments and additions thereof that the Bank may effect from time to time.
6.2. The Client undertakes and warrants that their use of the Service relates to legitimate and lawful transactions and does not and will not at any time violate the applicable provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, its amendments and other pertinent laws, government rules or regulations, or any rules of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

6.3. The Client shall keep all personal information private and shall not disclose such information to unauthorized persons.
6.4. The Client shall immediately change any temporary password provided by the Bank. The Client shall ensure that the Password is memorized and all documents containing the temporary password or the Password are immediately destroyed.
6.5. The Client shall provide such information as the Bank may reasonably require in order to provide the Services. The Client warrants that all information to be provided is accurate, complete and up to date.
6.6. The Client shall keep records of their transactions, review and reconcile their transactions history details and statements for any errors. Unauthorized entries or transactions should immediately be reported to the Bank.
6.7. The Client undertakes to notify the Bank immediately of any failure or delay in execution of any transaction or instruction through the Service, by writing an email to […], visiting, or calling their branch of account or the Bank’s customer care hotline.
6.8. The Client understands that the use of Services results from the creation of a contract solely between them and the Bank and does not result in the creation
of any obligation between the Bank and any third parties. The Client agrees that any agreement, transaction, or business between them and any third parties shall be deemed a private contract strictly between the Client and such other entity. The Client furthermore accepts that in case of any disputes in relation to such a private contract, such a dispute shall be strictly between the Client and such third party, and the Bank shall have no liability whatsoever to either party.
6.9. The Client hereby authorizes the Bank or its duly authorized personnel to collect, process, verify, store and/or disclose their information to any of the offices, branches, units, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, and representatives of the Bank, and third parties selected by any of them, wherever situated, for use in connection with:
6.9.1. account opening, maintenance, and/or operation;
6.9.2. the collection, processing, verification and/or storage of any information provided by Client to the Bank in relation to Client’s account(s) or any transaction concerning the account(s); and/or

6.9.3. the offer, delivery, or performance of any service or product to the Client, (including data processing, profiling, analytics, and storage, anti-money laundering monitoring, reviewing and reporting, statistical, credit and risk analyses).
6.10. Furthermore, the Client hereby authorizes the Bank or its duly authorized personnel to disclose to its foreign and local correspondent banks the information specified herein (and such other additional information provided to the Bank by the Client) for purposes of satisfying the requirements of the latter in relation to the processing, anti-money-laundering monitoring review,
investigation, and audit of the transactions on the Client's present and future accounts.
6.11. It is agreed and understood that any disclosure of Client’s account, transaction, or information due to Client’s fault or negligence or by causes not attributable to the fault or negligence of the Bank, shall not be considered as, and cannot be the basis of prosecution for, any complaint for violation Bank of any law, rule, or regulation guaranteeing or protecting the secrecy and privacy of your accounts, transactions, and information in the Bank.

7. Client's Liability
7.1. The Client shall be liable for any and all consequences arising from or in connection with their use of the Service, including, but not limited to, all transactions processed through the Service, regardless of such transactions being processed with or without the Client's knowledge or authority.
7.2. The Client undertakes to ensure, and accepts full responsibility, for correctly inputting all details of the transactions initiated through the Service. The Bank will not be liable for any erroneous transactions arising out of or relating to wrong or incomplete information supplied by Client through the Service.
7.3. The Client is aware and understands that the Service account may be compromised through phishing or similar illegal third party activities. This may enable unauthorized persons to withdraw money from the Client’s account using the Client's account information/details or Password. The Client undertakes to cooperate, through all reasonable means, with the Bank’s
efforts to prevent phishing, and accordingly, the Client shall exert all means to prevent disclosure of their account details and Password. The Client acknowledges that they are responsible for any and all withdrawals from the account that may result from phishing, and shall hold the Bank and its stockholders, directors, officers, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, assigns, and agents (collectively, “Bank Indemnitees”) harmless against any and all losses, damages, expenses, liability and costs of any kind arising therefrom.
7.4. Client’s Breach: Should the Bank, in its sole discretion, discover or suspect that the Client has breached, or attempted to breach, any of these terms and conditions, the Bank may take all such steps and remedies as it deems appropriate, without need of any prior notice to Client, including, without limitation: (a) investigate Client’s use of the Service or their accounts, whether or not enrolled in the Service; (b) prevent, restrict, or suspend Client’s access to the Service or any portion thereof; (c) reverse, suspend action on, unwind,
or otherwise undo any transaction which constitutes, caused, or resulted in such breach and, where applicable, return the proceeds of such transaction to the remitter, depositor, or sender thereof; (d) refuse the opening of additional accounts in the Bank; (e) put Client’s accounts on hold; (v) close Client’s accounts.

8. The Bank’s 's Liability
8.1. The Bank represents that it has applied a range of security controls to protect its system from unauthorized access. However, the Bank does not guarantee the security of any information, transaction, or instruction transmitted through the Service. The Bank shall not be responsible for any loss of security or information or any loss or damage suffered by the Client arising from or in connection with such information, transaction, or instruction transmitted through the Service, notwithstanding the Client’s use of any additional security
protocols that may be requested or prescribed by the Bank.
The Bank shall only be obliged to act on any instructions received based on commands made in the Service during a session opened by using the Client’s credentials, including their Password, or by authenticating such a Client on the customer care helpline. Any and all instructions made during a session opened in the Service are processed automatically (not manually). The Bank shall have no obligation to verify the authenticity of any transaction received from the person operating in the Service using the Client’s credentials,
including Password, other than by means of verification of the Client’s mobile phone number, user ID and Password, or through biometric authentication methods such as but not limited to fingerprint scanning, facial recognition or retina scan.
8.2. Except if due to gross negligence or wilful default of the Bank, and only to the extent of direct loss and damage arising directly and solely therefrom or the amount of the transaction (whichever is less), Bank Indemnitees shall not be liable to the Client or any other person for any loss or damage arising from or in connection with:
8.2.1. Client’s use of the Service;
8.2.2. loss of access, misuse, or the inability to use and access the Service or any feature or part thereof;
8.2.3. any transaction processed through the Service;
8.2.4. fraudulent or unauthorized utilization of the Service for any reason

whatsoever; any unauthorized disclosure, theft, or unauthorized use of Client’s Password or Client’s account, transaction, or personal
information; any violation of other security measures, with or without the Client's participation; 8.2.5. any violation of any of these terms and conditions or representations and warranties herein, whether or not committed by Client or any other person;
8.2.6. any fraudulent, wrongful, or unauthorized access or alteration made by any person to Client’s accounts or Password, whether or not caused or arising from Client’s fault or negligence;
8.2.7. the Bank’s use, publication, processing, storage, and reliance on any information supplied by Client via the Service;
8.2.8. any loss, misuse, or unauthorized disclosure of any information and data supplied by Client via the Service.
8.2.9. any interruption, suspension, delay, loss, unavailability or any other failure in providing the Service, or any part thereof, whether due to maintenance work, network or systems failure, act or omission of third party service providers, malfunction, power failure, breakdown or inadequacy of equipment or any other causes beyond the reasonable control of the Bank, or any law, regulation, government or court order;

8.2.10. disruption, failure or delay relating to or in connection with any transactions through the Service due to circumstances beyond the control of the Bank, fortuitous events such as, but not limited to, prolonged power outages, breakdown in computers and communication facilities, typhoons, floods, public disturbances and calamities and other similar or related cases;
8.2.11. inaccurate, incomplete or delayed information received due to disruption or failure of any communication facilities used for the Service;
8.2.12. improper, unauthorized use of the Service or recklessness or accident in connection thereof.
8.3. Any adverse consequences whatsoever on the Client's connection to, or use of, the internet or Client's use of an internet connection in violation of any law, rule, or regulation or violation of the intellectual property rights of another.

8.4. If, notwithstanding the foregoing, Bank Indemnitees become impleaded or otherwise involved any case, suit, action or proceeding of whatever kind or nature in relation to Client’s use of the Service and/or the actions of the Bank as regards the foregoing, Client shall promptly and fully cooperate with Bank Indemnitees in such manner as they may require, including, but not limited to, the execution and/or delivery of any sworn statements, documents, materials, or testimony, verbal or otherwise. In relation to any such case, suit, action, or proceeding, Client hereby waives (unless such waiver is forbidden by the statutory law) any and all of their rights to confidentiality of his account, transaction, or personal information under Republic Act No. 1405 (The Law on the Secrecy of Bank Deposits), Republic Act No. 6426 (Foreign Currency Deposit Act of the Philippines), Republic Act No. 8791 (The General Banking
Law), Republic Act 10173 (the Data Privacy Act of 2012), and any other applicable law, rule, or regulation which may now or hereafter be in effect, and authorize the Bank to make such disclosures as it may be deem necessary to protect its or Client’s interests, or which may be requested from it by any person, entity, court of law, and/or government office, agency, or representative.
9. The provisions of this Section shall survive the termination, suspension, or closure of Client’s accounts or access to the Service

10. Amendments
10.1. The Bank shall have the absolute discretion to amend or supplement any of the terms and conditions pertaining to the Service at any time, without need of any prior notice to consent from Client, unless such approval is required by any applicable law, rule, or regulation. The Client is responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms and Conditions, including amendments thereto, as may
be posted on the Bank's website or in the Service. By continuing to use the Service, the Client shall be deemed to have accepted any such amended Terms and Conditions. In case the Client wants to discontinue using the Service, they may submit the relevant request to their Branch of Account, subject to the Bank’s policies and procedures.

11. Termination
11.1. The Client may request for termination of the Service by placing a request through the Bank’s customer care hotline and giving the Bank at least ten (10) business days to process the request. The Client shall remain responsible for any transactions made on their accounts through the service prior to the time of such cancellation of the Service.
11.2. The agreement comprised in these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to remain in full force and effect if and in so far as any transaction is completed but not debited to the Client’s accounts prior to termination of the Service.
11.3. The closure of all of the Client’s accounts listed in the Service will automatically terminate the service. The Bank may suspend or withdraw the availability of the Service, or any feature or portion thereof, without need of any further notice to the Client, for any reason

12. Privacy Policy
Pursuant to the Data Privacy Policy of the Bank, the Client understands and agrees that the Bank may process the Client's data for purposes not contrary to the Data Privacy Act of 2012, its implementing rules and regulations, and other issuances of the National
Privacy Commission

13. Miscellaneous
13.1. The Client understands and agrees that, use of or connection to the internet is inherently insecure, and that such a connection provides an opportunity for unauthorized access by third parties to the Client's computer systems, networks and any and all information stored therein. All information, transactions, and instructions, transmitted, processed or received through the
internet is subject to unauthorized interception, diversion, corruption, loss, access, and disclosure. The Bank shall not be liable for any adverse consequences whatsoever on the Client's connection to, or use of, the internet, and shall not be responsible for the Client's use of an internet connection in violation of any law, rule, or regulation or violation of the intellectual property rights of another.
13.2. All records maintained by the Bank, whether in electronic or documentary form, of the Client’s information, transactions or instructions, and any other details in the availment of any other banking channel offered by the Bank, shall, as against the Client, be deemed to be conclusive.
13.3. The Bank may temporarily or permanently, at any time, suspend, cancel, or terminate Client’s access to the Service or any portion thereof or any transaction or instruction initiated by Client through the Service, with or without prior notice, if any of Client’s enrolled accounts in the Service become closed, suspended, or mishandled (the opinion of the Bank being conclusive in this
respect) or for any reason whatsoever.
13.4. The Client agrees that the Bank and its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, representatives and authorized third parties may, from time to time, communicate with the Client via Short Message Service (SMS), email, mobile push and pop-up notifications, and/or any other means that may become available in the future, for the purpose of sending reminders or notices pertaining to Client’s accounts or access to the Service.
13.5. Customer Concerns: For any clarifications, concerns or complaints in using the Service, Client may communicate with their Branch of Account or contact the Bank Customer Care. When required by the Bank, the Client shall provide, within 24 hours, details of their concern or complaint in writing or comply with any instructions as the Bank may prescribe.

13.6. The Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that all notices, communication, and reminders sent to them through the Service, or to their registered email address or mobile number, shall conclusively deemed to have been received by them.
13.7. Each of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions is severable. If any or some of the terms and conditions is declared invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the provisions will not be affected thereby.
13.8. No failure to exercise and no delay in exercising, on the part of the Bank, of any right, power or privilege hereunder shall operate as a waiver thereof, nor shall any single or partial exercise of any right, power or privilege preclude any other or further exercise thereof, or the exercise of any other right or power. The rights and remedies herein provided shall be cumulative, may be exercised concurrently and shall not be exclusive of any rights or remedies of the Bank hereunder or granted by law.