2014 was a successful year not only because GRBank achieved its goals but also because with its foundation, GRBank Foundation, it was able to lay hands to people who needed it. Series of Corporate Social Responsibility activities were orchestrated to show that GRBank values its part to give back to the communities it serves. In April 2014, the President & CEO of GRBank gave a Seminar-Talk to the Members of the Philippine Dental Association Region 3 on how to accumulate and have wealth through tried and tested saving ways/techniques. In July 2014, a Financial Literacy Campaign was also done by its President & CEO to the members of the Guagua Multi-Purpose Cooperative. Feeding Programs were also brought forth through the Children’s Joy Foundation at Greenville City of San Fernando, Pampanga in August of the same year. Once again, in September, GRBank Foundation supported the annual Medical-Dental mission at Sta. Rita which was organized by the Dra. Josephine Carlos-Rabocca Foundation in cooperation with the Makati Medical Center which served almost 3,000 people. In October, GRBank participated on a tree planting program arranged by the CSFP Bankers Association to show concern to Mother Nature. These activities were done to share the blessings that GRBank has received. As the saying goes. “It’s good to be blessed. It’s better to be a blessing.”