Corporate Credo

We believe:

  • In providing total customer satisfaction with our slogan, “Where Service is Best”;
  • In practising high standards of professionalism, integrity and business ethics;
  • In protecting the interest of our shareholders by way of prudent, fair and equitable management;
  • In looking after the welfare of our people knowing fully well that they are our “most important resource”;
  • In supporting the socio-economic programs of our government for the good of our country;
  • In promoting the development of local economics with the end view of alleviating the plight of the masses, and;
  • In Divine Providence whose unconditional love guides us to be and to do the best we can for HIS GREATER GLORY.

Contact Us

Address: Plaza Burgos, Guagua (GRBank Main Office)
Corporate: (045) 963-5177 | 963-7267

A Proud Member of:

Member: PDIC, Maximum Deposit Insurance for Each Depositor P500,000